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◉ Server HTTP. ◉ PHP 5 .2 ,JSON activated, postgresql php library and gd2 library php ◉ PostgreSQL 8.3 or ahead. Please click here for full requirements and terms of free installation.

Recomended Hosting:

User Features – Frontend Features

Step 1: Home Page - Select Location

Address search with google maps integration

User can input address or zip code and google maps technology will show exactly which restaurans or businesses deliver to users exact location.

Recognition with Google Maps API so it is great!

Geolocation with 1 click for the user. (*Requires v2 of the script)

Yes! We added exact geolocation, the same used on google Maps.

With only one click the system will detect user’s exact location to continue and show restaurants or businesses that deliver the user.

Justeat and the others wish they have this feature. We are one step forward!

Most popular restaurants

“…Customers can see the most popular businesses, because we all want to order from the best local business!..”

Most popular businesses

Users can see which are the most popular restaurants. Most popular restaurants are shown on the homepage.


Adds shown configured on backend. You can even set the time in seconds to rotate. You can also set the city where you want the add to appear.

Facebook Like Box

Clients can LIKE your Fan Page right below the button where they set their location, this gives you the chance to connect with them.

Facebook fan box

How it works box

You can edit the “How it works image” to show your users your site. As it is open source you can even add video.

Recent Orders

This makes your website more real and trustable

We have learned this from Facebook and many other big social networks. This is a fact, people like watching other do, we have also integrated this concept into OOS, letting users see recent orders on the homepage, because they should see this from the very beginning. Customers can also see which restaurants are the most popular.

“…When users see activity from other users they get motivated increasing your sales…”

Recent Activity – This feed of news will give your customer security about using your website to order. Customers can see who ordered and where was the order placed.

Step 2: Pickup Restaurant

Ajax Search Filter

You can start typing the letters and the system will detect it even if you input for example “don” and the name is “Mc Donald’s”

Ajax fast Filters by Category

Very fast filters, find what you want fast!

Check or uncheck the categories to filter restaurants or businesses. Select restaurant/food or business/type fast. 

Restaurants or Businesses Listing

This listing shows everything a user could wish. Business logo, Category, Payment methods, delivery cost, ratings (*required reviews addon needed).

Open/Closed Restaurants or Businesses: The system only allows to click open restaurants, it also shows closed restaurants and when will they open.

Step 3: Restaurant Page - Select Products - Place Order

Restaurant or business direct URLs to access

And the most amazing thing of all is that the businesses have their own URL (i.e.

Ajax Search Filter

You can start typing the letters and the system will detect it even if you input for example “pizza” and show the products that have pizza on the name, for example ”pepperoni pizza”.

Ajax fast Filters by Category

Very fast filters, find what you want fast!

Check or uncheck the categories to filter products. Select categories/type of food.

Products Listing

Quick Product add to cart

Ingredients (Enable/Disable): This feature allows user to easy enable/disable ingredients for products. For example if they want a sub without lettuce this can be easily done.

Extras (Enable/Disable): This feature allows user to easy enable/disable extras with or without extra price for products. For example if they want a sub without lettuce this can be easily done. New cart prices automatically update when extras with prices added.

Ajax Cart (*Requires v2 of the script)

When adding to cart products automatically show on right side.

You can delete dishes or products.

Automatic delivery cost on cart depending on the delivery zone configuration.

Prices automatic updates when adding or deleting products, including delivery cost to show user the exact total amount.

You can see the taxes applied to your items.

See business reviews (*Required reviews addon)

Toggle content goes here, click edit button to change this text.


Reviews page

Title for each category on menu listing

We want to make our script as user friendly as possible and that is why we now included some titles that specify category. Check out the screen shot:

Titles on menu for categories:

What you click is what you see - For categories

Before we used to have the buttons as a kind of filter, now what you click is what you see that mean that if you want to see only drink you click on the category drinks. This help your users a lot!

Step 4: One Page Checkout

Order Summary

Edit products from cart: It allows you to edit anything added to cart. Enable/disable ingredients and/or extras.

Group Ordering – Add comments to each product: For example you can add the name of each person for example group office orders. Or special notes to each product.

Deliver for later? – Add comments to the order: You can add special comment to the full order. For example, please don’t forget napkins, or for example to say the order is for later time.

Delivery Details

User can input name, full address and neighbourhood.

Email: Receives notification of order placed and any status update or comment to the order.

Referer: To know how your user know about you and check your marketing.

Phone number SMS (*Required SMS addon): User can enable/disable sms new order or updates notifications to this number.

Payment Methods

User can select payment methods.

Cash or card on delivery: Payment directly to the restaurant, cash or card with mobile card terminal directly from the restaurant.

Pay with Paypal (*Required Paypal Addon): User can pay directly on site with credit card using paypal security guarantee.

As the script is open source you can always add your preferred payment method or provider. We can do custom work, please ask us.

Tips for driver & Taxes based on cities

We realized after hearing lots of comments of you guys that you really need the taxes feature and also tips for the driver included on the checkout, so we did it possible. Here are some screenshots:

Tax on shopping cart:
Tax and tips for driver on check out:

Step 5: Confirmation Screen

Order Share with sharethis plugin - advanced analytics available

Order Share with sharethis plugin – advanced analytics available

“….Customers can share their order with their friends on Facebook and Twitter, creating viral effect for your business!….”

Share your Order: After ordering a product the users have the option to share whatever they ordered with his friends on Facebook or twitter.

User Area

My orders

Allows to view past orders and status.

Edit Profile

Allows user to edit profile.

More... Global front end features

Process of order bar (*Requires v2 of the script)

Bar Shows process and allows you to click previous steps.


Track Order

Check order status by introducing order number.
Track Order

Login with Facebook

Now a days it’s extremely important to let your users get rid of the boring forms which you have to fill out every time when you are on a website. Let them use Facebook to create their account.

On the homepage the users have already the option to login with Facebook.

Is just something that almost every internet user knows and uses, that’s why we decided that you customers should also be able to login and signup with Facebook, imagine how comfortable and fast it is for the users!

“….Login in with Facebook makes your website more friendly and the most important: FASTER….”

Your customers will be able to log in with Facebook, so they do not have to fill up any long boring forms. We know how important Facebook is nowadays that’s why you should be able to offer this to your costumers.

Login and facebook login

Social Share and Follow buttons - Addthis Smart Layers included

Social Features Powered by Addthis – with advanced analytics available

We included addthis smart layers, so you can configure your site share and follow buttons easily.

Screen Shot 2014-01-09 at 7.27.59 AM

Social Bookmarks included with addthis integration on the header of the website. Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Pinterest, and more… you decide. Nice and elegant bookmarks on the headers of your website will let users to stay active on social networks.

Being able to like, share or twit something is a must have of any website and because we are good and professional we have integrated this to the system.



As all the script you can always edit the footer. Is very easy it is in a different file.

Mobile responsive version (If user access from Iphone, Ipad or any smartphone)

-Login screen
-Where are you?
Introduce address of user and recognition with Google Maps API
-Check order
Introduce order number
See status of order
2. Select restaurant/type of food/price of shipping

2.1 Filter by categories/type of food

3.Select products
4. See shopping cart
Delete dishes or products
Insert comment on specific product
5. Order


Built in mailer system

Email - New order email

Everytime a new order is placed an email is sent to user, restaurant and city. It has all the details of the order.


Email - Order status change, comments, review email

“…Comment on an order, let you costumer know automatically what is happening by E-mail….”

It shows the user whatever happens to the order, for example status changed to completed, also any comment made by the restaurant admin, city admin, or super admin is shown here.

Review restaurant or business email (*Requires reviews addon): Is a special button that takes you to review your order directly.


Email - Password request email

Sends the user the password.


SMS (*Required SMS addon)

SMS - New Order sms

This SMS can be configured to be sent to the customer and to the restaurant.

SMS - Status change sms

Everytime there’s an update on the user’s order, an SMS can be sent to the client.

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Backend Features

3 Access Levels Available

Restaurant or Business

Allow your restaurants to have full control of their site. They have access to edit or see whatever happens on his/her business.

Multiple locations: They can edit 1 or multiple restaurants, for example if they have different locations. You can make them manage all, so in their panel all the restaurants will appear.

City admin

Allow your restaurants to have full control of their site. They have access to edit or see whatever happens on his/her business.

Multiple locations: They can edit and manage 1 or multiple cities, for example if they have different locations. You can make them manage all, so in their panel all cities they manage will show.

Super Admin

Full control of everything.

Features for: Restaurant or business, City Admin and Super admin

Easy and fast business set up

“….UP 500% less time by uploading data to your system….believe us this is worth it….FULL MULTI-VENDOR CAPABILITIES”

Easy and fast upload: With the one-page configuration save up to 500% time when uploading the information of your restaurants.

Start Dashboard

Each user can see an easy to use dashboard to find the options easy.

Each of the levels:

Super-admin, City-admin and Business/Restaurant owner see this very informative and great dashboard, with their sales out different categories:  ”Today”, “Week”, “Year”.

Plus they can always see on the top, the number of sales, revenue and much more!

Restaurants or Businesses Manager

Create, edit or delete restaurant or business.

You can create unlimited restaurants or businesses, we guarantee the system won’t crash.

Edit anything on any business.

Restaurant closed forever? Delete it.

City Admin: Can see and manage all the restaurants or businesses from the assigned city or cities.

Super Admin: Can see and manage  all the restaurants or businesses on the system.

Enable/Disable Restaurant or Business with 1 click

Aww… this restaurant is closed today because something came up. No worries, that can be enabled/disabled with one click so no editing or deleting should be done.

Unique URL to show restaurant or business

Remember to give your restaurants or businesses their link so they can promote your site.

Unique URL User will be able to access to the restaurant or business directly by writing: (i.e. more info…

Restaurant or Business Creation or Edition

What about the business management in our system? Here you go!

Business basic information

You can see a video of how this works by clicking here.

Because we tried to keep everything very simple and natural, you are able to set a business or restaurant with the following attributes on the same page: Name, address, neighborhood, zip code,mobile telephone number, accept credit cards(on client address).

Special features

Phone number: This phone number is also to receive SMS notification (*Required SMS addon)
Min. purchase: The system won’t allow the user to order unless the min. purchase is reached.
Email: this is the mail where the orders will be sent.
Paypal email (*addon required): That’s right! Every restaurant can receive the payment directly into his/her account. If you want to receive all the payments just put your paypal email.
Open days: Autocomplete ajax function. You can start typing the day so you can specify the days the business opens or just type everyday if it is open everyday. You can set different business hours for each day.
Categories: Autocomplete ajax function.
Logo: You can upload the logo of the restaurant, the system will automatically create the thumbnails for everywhere on the site, this allows the system to be always fast, as it is planned.
Delivery Zones: This is so great! You can set up delivery zones with google maps technology, just click to set a polygon and you are all set, you can set up different zones and even add cost of delivery for each zone. more info…

Special features just for admin

Country: Select from previously created countries.
City: Select from previously created cities.
Set User as Owner: Select previously created business owner.
Enable/disable SMS notification: This can be a paid feature for the restaurant or business, so you can enable or disable it on your backend only. We want you to make money :)
Twilio Phone: Just add the twilio phone given by twilio so the sms is sent.

Open/Close Business hours by day

You can set up business hours for each day of the week.

Flexible opening times: You can set the opening times by day, with this any crazy working times of the restaurants are configurable. You are able to set the opening times per day. Great flexibility.

Menus - Catalogs (Multiple menus per business? Set time to show)

More than 1 menu per restaurant per day? No worries… You are also capable of creating different menus or catalogs. For example you may offer one menu in the morning with breakfast and in the afternoon another one.

When setting up a restaurant you can specify if you want to show a menu only in a specific time of the day, and allows you to configure any kind of business or restaurant that have multiple menus during the day.

Set menu-times Because restaurants sometimes offer something different in the morning than at night time, you can set the time to show an specific menu to the users.

Repeat products on different menus: Yes! We did it again! You don’t need to create repeated products for each menu, just start typing and select previously created products.


“…When it comes to products, OOS makes your life easier and users just love it…”

Our “Tag” system works this way; users can see what a product has and they can unable it to tell the restaurant that they don´t want to have an specific ingredient or attribute, on other hand you have the extra-tag that will allow you to set something optional to the product with specific price or for free.

You can upload products with optional “ingredients” or “extras” with an specific cost.

Menus and Products of Business.
The system allows to:
Create, edit or delete dish or product.
Activate or deactivate dish or product so you don’t need to delete it.
Add Description that will be displayed on front end.
Add Ingredients or characteristics (new* appears as Tag on product)
Tag describe the attributes or “ingredients” of a product, these can be disabled by the user. The system allows you to add product ingredients. This can be very usefull, because allows the client to select/unselect any ingredient. For example if the client doesn’t want tomato on his sub this can be done.
-Extra Ingredients or characteristics (new* appears as Tag on product)
Select Extras
You can easily add extras to your products, so this way you don’t need to create the same extra for each product. For example “Extra cheese”. You just need to create 1 Extra, you start typing on the product, and you can select the extra.
Product Images: You can add up to 3 images to show your product. Images will adjust automatically to reduce space and optimize resources and speed of the site.
Product price: Specify the price of the product.

Product Extras

So you want full control of products? Tag system for the extras with price or without any price (free) Users are able to order something extra to their product. We can do that! The script allows full control of product extras, for example “Extra Cheese” Price $1 more.

Extras of dish or product

Create, edit or delete Extra
Activate or deactivate extra: So you don’t need to delete it.

Email - new order email

On an order you get all the information introduced by a customer on the checkout like: Name, last name, email, address, postal code, country, city, phone-number, payment method. And all the order details. Products, ingredients, extras, price, total.

Restaurant or Business email

Restaurants receive all the new order emails of their business.

City email

Receives all the new order emails of the city email configured on cities manager.

Order Manager

Main orders screen

View details, edit or delete order

City Admin: Can see and manage all the orders from the assigned city or cities.

Super Admin: Can see and manage  all the orders on the system.

Order details

Write comment on order to user (automatically sent by E-mail and updated on system)

Status update: Order is set by default to pending. It can either be completed or cancelled.

Comment on orders: You can comment on an order. For example set delivery estimated time. It is always important to let the customers know if there are any changes on his/her order, write and save, the customer is automatically informed by Email of the status and changes or updates on his/her order.

Filter Orders - find any order easily

Search and find an order in seconds. You can search by city, date or status.

*More search filters coming soon.

Export Data so you can know your revenue.

Export order by day/month/year and restaurant.

If you charge a comission % for each order this is the best way to calculate your revenue.

The file can be opened in excel so you can see and manage all the comissions you charge to the restaurant or businesses, this is an easy way to get all data of the revenue you deserve.

User Profile Editor

Each user can edit it’s own profile.

Features for: City Admin and Super admin

User Management

Very simple way of setting up users and modify data on them. Sometimes you will have to set up a user for a customer or maybe create a user capable of uploading a business or restaurant and set him or her as the owner. Basic data can be uploaded like: Name, last name, email, address, postal code, country, city, phone-number and the most important “type of user” which will allow you to tell the system which does this user have, can he/she only order? or can he /she modify maybe the information, menus and products of a restaurant?

Create, edit or delete User
Activate/deactivate user
Name, Picture, Email, Password, Address, Postal code, Country, City, Telephone-number, Cellphone-number, Occupation, Group (owner of business or customer).
Export user/users

City Admin: Can see and manage all the users from the assigned city or cities.

Super Admin:  User Management – Full access. Can see and manage  all the users on the system. All the user management capabilities from city admin. +Allows to add city admin user.

“…User management done easy and simple.. fast to find a user, fast to modify…”

Simple user management Using the same concept of uploading a restaurant our one-page customer configuration lets you set a user in a very fast way.


With our filter you will be able to find someone by name or E-mail in a very fast simple way so will managing you business you only need a couple of seconds to find someone.


View best restaurant.
View Sales by day.
View Graphic of sales by day and amount.

City Admin: Can see all the statistics from the assigned city or cities.

Super Admin: Can see all the statistics on the system.

Features for: Super admin

Ads Manager

Manage your own advertising on your site!

You will have hundreds and maybe thousands of visitors everyday, so why not take advantage of this fact and advertise something on your website.


Set the Ads per City. Choose which Ads for which cities should be shown.


Analytics and configuration: Track clicks on each add. You can also set a link on each Ad.

“….A great idea for an extra-income for your Website!….”



“….Promote your own restaurants or sell other business the advertising on your website!….YOUR OWN ADS MANAGER”

2 Sizes: Decide how big the add should be. There 2 different sizes that you can configure on the website, giving you great flexibility, when it comes to advertising.

Advertising system
Create, edit or delete Ads
Name of Ad, Upload image, Set type (double or simple – size), Set link, City, Set duration in secs.

City administration

You can create cities and you can have a whole system running for a country.

Manage your cities and the businesses in it. So you can create your brand and sell franchises to whoever you want so you can expand your business.

City Time Zone configuration: That’s right! We also allow different time zones.

Google Analytics tracking ID per city: Yeah! We allow you to give each city it’s tracking code!

Create, edit or delete city
Activate/Deactivate City
E-mail: An email will be sent to this email everytime a new order on any business or restaurant on the city is placed.
Administrator (select): In case there’s a special city admin to access all data from the city. This can be for example a franchise.
Google Analytics tracking ID

General Settings

SMS Configuration (*Required sms addon)

Easy way to input Twilio SID and TOKEN.

Google Analytics Configuration

Set google analytics code for the main site. This allows to track all site analytics.

Categories Manager

Set categories allowed.

Countries Manager

Create, delete or edit countries.

Advertisement Configuration

Set default duration in secs.

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Addons and coming addons

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Our Script is 100% Open Source so you can create new mods or addons and the script will still work with all the features. Please feel free to exchange anything you create with us.

Planned Addons and Features

  • Yelp Reviews Addon


    Yelp, company that operates an "online urban guide" and business review site,  connect the reviews of your businesses with this great platform.

  • Fax Addon


    Let restaurants or business get their Orders sent directly to their faxes and print their orders automatically.

  • Book table Addon


    Book a table on a specific restaurant, restaurant get notified and user get a confirmation and lots more!